Lunch soups 2.4.-13.4.2018


Pureed BEETROOT soup (m, G, KM)


Pureed carrot soup (m, G, KM)


pureed beetroot soupsoup (l, G, KM)


Pureed pumpkin soup (m, G, KM)


salmon soup (L, g, km)

(L=lactose-free, G=gluten-free, KM=egg-free, M=milk-free)

The soup includes one filling and side of your choice (excpect salmon soup). So you can customize your dish e.g with chicken, goat cheese or beans and different seeds - there is plenty of alternatives. Soup lunch includes also house bread or glutein free bread. The price of the soup is 7,90 € and we serve it from Monday to Friday at 11-15.

During the lunch time you can also choose from our salad bar either salad or oven baked potatoes dish wit 2-4 fillings (9,90-11,90 €). We also serve to the table all our à la carte salads.

We use only fresh and high quality ingredients.


All portions are available also to take away.