Pella's Cafe

Pella’s cafe is a continental styled meeting point opened in 2014. It is located next to Tammerkoski in Hämeenkatu in a building, Ruuskanen, with a great history all the way from 1892. Our goal is to be the best cafe in town - relaxed and genuine cafe culture’s “fine-dining”.

From our great windows you have the chance to see every day changing city picture. We offer cafe experiences with full rights to serve in a middle European spirit also to our big terrace from April to September  - when the weather is mighty.

We offer unique and well-rounded product range with a saying “always fresh, always best”. The freshness and quality of the ingredients can be seen and tasted in our every portion. Behind our mouth-melting pastries there is our excellent confectioner-baker.
We always put taste first. Besides that our products are extremely delicious they are most likely to also be lactose and gluten free. Saying this I don’t want to point it out for our own good, it comes naturally from us. In our opinion the natural gluten and lactose freeness is starting to be taken so granted that if the taste or the texture of the product is not harmed by being free of those ingredients -they surely will be.

As a first “normal” cafe in Finland we have received the gluten free service -certificate announced by the Finnish celiac alliance as a matter of fact that we take gluten freeness seriously in our actions.

In our service we are focused on three main things: speed, smoothness and friendliness that are based on committed and well-experienced staff. We can and want to make our customers’ wishes come true smoothly.
We want to make a difference in Finnish cafe culture. Pella’s cafe is all about relaxed attitude towards life, eating, delicatessen and joy - more than just a cafe.