Well-rounded and nourishing breakfast is based on a healthy diet recommendations: lots of vegetables, enough fiber and protein. All of these and much more you can find from our breakfast buffet: high-quality meat cuts, fresh breads, fruits and vegetables.

We cook our porridge out of gluten free oats which ones are also a base for our house granola; The Karelian pies with the egg butter are also almost too good to be true. Our great breakfast is possible for you to experience from Monday to Friday at 8:00-10.30. The price of the breakfast buffet is 15,10 € and children under 12yrs 1 €/each year of age.




Fresh croissants and Nutella (VL)

house bread and bread assortment (VE)

gluten-free bread options (VE)

authentic Karelian pies from Liperi (KM)

gluten-free rice pies (L, KM)

egg butter (L) and spreads (L)

Valio Luostari cheese (L),

Mattila's oven baked turkey fillet (M, G)

The brothers Mattila's authentic smoked ham (M, G)

omelette (L, G), bacon (L, G)

fresh vegetables and fruits and berries

dried fruits and seeds (G, VE)

sprinkles, peanut butter and maple syrup (G, VE)

roasted coconut, dark chocolate and raspberry (VE, G)

yogurt (L), homemade granola (VE)

long-simmered oatmeal (L, G), jam

chia pudding (VE)

various milks (L), also vegetarian options (VE)

apple and orange juice

smoothie (VE, G)

house cake (L, G)


Löfbergs fair trade organic coffee, brewed tea or house cocoa.

Special coffees with breakfast -50%.



We customize a vegan breakfast by pre-order, in which case vegan products are available as alternatives to non-vegan products.

 When reserving a table, please provide additional information about the vegan breakfast.




oat yogurt (VE, G) or similar

vegan rice pies (VE, G)

vegan croissants (VE)

hummus (VE, G)

beetroot falafels (VE, G)

vegan pastry (VE, G)


Special diets by advance order.

We reserve the right to make changes.

L = lactose-free, M = dairy-free, G = gluten-free, VE = vegan