Pella’s brunch is starting to be the number one what comes to brunch selection in Tampere. Our brunch has been brought together from the best ingredients and you really can taste that: cherry tomatoes are heavenly sweet, chicken Caesar salad produced from domestic chicken, self-made dressing and 10 months matured Grana Padano cheese, Karelian pies come from Northern Karelian home bakery as well as cheese and meat cuts are the best quality. All of our food is naturally gluten-free excluding bread products but for them we also have gluten free choices. Almost everything is lactose-free. And because we want to serve our customers the best way as possible we are flexible – with a notice it is practicable for us to also create a vegan brunch if needed.

Pella’s brunch is served every Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 to 15:00 and also on some public holidays. It is not possible to make multiple reservations for the same date.  At the bottom of all pages you'll find the "Book a table" button.

The price of the brunch is 29 €/person, children under 12 years old 1€/each year of age. 

The brunch is served Saturdays and Sundays at 9-15.


bread assortment (M, KM), (also gluten-free)

mini croissants and Nutella (VL)

authentic handmade Karelian pies from Liperi (KM)

gluten-free and lactose-free rice pies

whipped butter and egg butter (L)

cold cuts (G, L)

Luostari port salut cheese (G, L)

roasted coconut, raspberry and dark chocolate (G, VE)

peanut butter, maple syrup, seeds, dried fruits (G, VE)

house granola (G, VE)

yogurt (G, L)

seasonal fruits

green salad and mango vinaigrette (G, VE)

marinated tomato feta salad (G, VL)

orange pesto mozzarella (G)

chicken caesar salad (G, L)

lime pickled red cabbage (G, VE)

marinated olives (G, VE)

smoked salmon

spinach omelette (G, L)

Mattila's spicy chicken (G, L, KM)


lemon-thyme potatoes (G, VE)

tzatziki (G, L)

cheeses and homemade devil's jam (G, L)

blueberry-raspberry cheesecake (G, L)

creme brulee lemon pie (G, L)

Marianne chocolate mousse (G, L)

orange juice 

smoothie (VE)

brewed tea/house hot chocolate/ Löfberg’s organic fair trade filtered coffee


L = lactose free, M = dairy free, G = gluten free, KM = egg free, V = vegan 


Specialty coffees for the half price.

We reserve the rights to make changes.

More vegan choices available ordering pre-hand.