”How many times I have decided to give in for the deliciously looking sweets and then ending up being disappointed- shouldn’t have done it.”

Sweets must give you joy - not make you feel guilty or bad about yourself. I can proudly admit that we have our own confectioner-baker who bakes by hand almost all of our sweet goodies. Always fresh buns – mouth-melting cinnamon rolls and incredibly smooth mousse cakes and other pastries- they can’t let you down. We only use first class ingredients and recipes and we always put the taste and quality first. Everything is like homemade; I have been baking our house chocolate cake with the Daim chocolate topping for all of our family events over the decades.

You can also order cakes from us for your own parties from the selection below.


The products below can be ordered from

Please note that the ordering time for cakes and pies is 4 business days.



Brita cake with blueberry filling (L, G)  for  6 or 12 people

Raspberry dark chocolate mousse cake (L, G)

Mint chocolate mousse cake (G) contains almonds

Blueberry-vanilla mousse cake (L, G)

Meringue Passion Pie (L, G)

Carrot cake (L, G)

Homemade chocolate cake, Daim frosting (G) incl. almonds

House chocolate cake, chocolate frosting (L, G)

Vegan Marianne chocolate mousse cake (KM, M, G)



Chicken-feta pie (L, G)

Smoked salmon-broccoli pie (L, G)

Spinach-goat cheese (L, G)

Vegan Texmex Pie (VE, G)

L = Lactose-free, M = Dairy-free, KM = Egg-free, G = Gluten-free, VE = Contains no animal ingredients. We use a naturally gluten-free flour mixture for baking.


The diameter of the cakes is 24cm and that is enough for approx. 14-20 people, depending on what else is served.

The savory pies are enough for approx. 10-12 people, depending on what else is served

The price of the house chocolate cake is €51 and other cakes €72.

Brita cake for 6 people is €38 and €76 for 12 people

Savory pies €51

Vegan pie €44.90

For pre-order also available e.g. buns, as well as genuine Karelian pies from Liperi.

Also available for meetings, e.g. stuffed breads, smoothies, etc.