The seed of Pella’s has been sown early back in the 1980's. Then, before my Hospitality Management studies in Haaga-Helia, I was a trainee in a restaurant in Stockholm. When in Stockholm, I fell in love with a one coffee shop I used to go to. Inspired by that one cafe I decided one day I’ll have my own on the best spot Tampere has to offer.

After some decades the long-lost idea became reality and Pella’s opened its doors in the beginning of December 2014. The cafe ended up to open in one of the best spots in town located on the east side of the Hämeen bridge in the legendary house called Ruuskanen.
I realized that now I can make use of everything I have learned during these past 30 years working and studying.

The name and the logo for the cafe also came out easily. The logo was designed by now a Aalto-university graduate Enni Koistinen - daughter of a friend of mine - who got my instructions: “All my life I have been called by a nickname “Kitty”, I want the logo to have a cheerful cat with a coffee cup. “
And the name of the cafe comes of course from my last name.


From the very beginning my goal has been to run the best cafe in Tampere. The cafe that fulfils customers’ needs and wishes with its delicious product range and delightful customer-listening service. A successful cafe experience is a great pleasure.

The purpose of Pella’s cafe is to be a cafe where over a delicious cup of coffee you can enjoy your company, delight yourself between eventful shopping, have a toast with sparkling wine, please yourself with a piece of one our wonderful cakes or enjoy the best brunch in town in a good company.
Simply our goal is to be first class – but relaxed place with a hint of continental style but in a reasonable price.

The excellent service is based on our professional staff and motivation - desire to serve customers genuinely. When the profession is about education and experience that goes hand in hand with long-term employee-employer relationship.
I am proud of my employees that enjoy their job and are committed to Pella’s values. Taking care of my employees I know they can handle every customer meeting with a smile on their face.

Our Values

Together we have created our four key values which lead us to actions and help us to achieve our visions.


Every day we serve our customers the way that makes them feel we are the best continental meeting spot in town. We respect our work itself as well as each other. With integrity we are also engaged with our quality.


We do what we promise. We serve every customer sincerely. We admit if we do make a mistake and then we fix it. We talk about things with each other thoroughly through honesty. Everyone can and get to be themselves. We genuinely pleasure our customers.


The most important is the joy and the satisfaction of a customer. We surprise them with our ideal quality. Pella’s is all about relaxed attitude towards eating, delicatessen and joy. Standing out with joy we more likely get new Pella’s customers to tag along. And at work it can and it should be fun.


Pella’s does not betray. We don’t betray our customers and we don’t betray each other. Working together is all based on trust.
We take and carry out responsibilities every day. At Pella’s authority and liability go hand in hand. Customers trust in Pella’s’ quality.

Our mission is to make a difference in Finnish cafe culture- Pella’s is more than just a cafe.

Katriina “Katti” Pellas