A little bit embarrassing to admit that I have only drank five cups of coffee in my whole life. On the other hand because of that we also do have extremely good tea beside of our excellent coffee.

With the help of the tea merchant Ilkka Veiström (http:/www.teashopveistrom.com) we have ended up with a great selection of tea with high standards.
Our selection includes green, unflavored and flavored black tea, white tea as well as oolong and multiple choices of decaf infusions- also available in organic. All of our brewed teas are available either as a cup or as a tea pot for one or two –and our tea cups are huge, I must say!
Merchant Veiström uses only natural flavors. He has trained our staff to know how to serve brewed teas in a right water temperature so we can give you the best experience as possible. Only with the right temperature you can see the beauty and the differences between different tea varieties.

Our tea bags are from Twinings’ new collection Whole leaf Discovery. Tea itself has big leaves and therefore it is high quality. It has also been packed into biodegradable packages. Twinings is the founder of the Ethical Tea Partnership program. The goal of this collaboration between one of the world’s biggest tea producers is to provide ethical production in every area. It wants to give justice to its field workers and give them reasonable environment to work and live with.